MEET THE TEAM: Chuck Best Jr.

Most people always wonder what life was like as a child traveling with a water-skiing squirrel.  It was very interesting for sure. Our squirrels were always chewing my homework and hiding nuts in all of my shoes. Twiggy was a part of my family before I was and having a squirrel as a pet was seen as a norm to my sisters and I.  We traveled the world with my parents, helping sell merchandise at each show we attended. I guess you can say my life has always been a bit nutty.

However, when I was old enough, I decided to dedicate my life to roller skating. Skating had always been my true passion since both my grandfather and my father ran skating rinks. I spent most of my life learning all types of roller skating styles. While in college, I started my first business hosting roller skating events. I later gave the event business up and tried running an online skate shop. I was on Team USA for Roller Derby and I was sponsored by several different companies. I hosted skating events all over the country and met countless skaters, who became more like family. I learned a lot of life lessons in both running a business and roller skating. Those lessons might have been preparations for taking over Twiggy.

Keith Ridge

My mom took over Twiggy after my dad’s death in 1997. In 2018, my mom decided she was retiring and was going to sell Twiggy. Her endless dedication to Twiggy over the last 39 years, left us all in disbelief when she told us about her decision. I ended up helping my mom at one of her last shows.  The response was still intense even after almost 40 years of performing. The show promoter pulled my mom and I aside to talk. He said, “Lou Ann, Do you see your crowd? You can’t give Twiggy up just yet!” Plus, it was always my mom’s dream to make Twiggy the spokesperson for water safety in remembrance of losing my dad in 1997.  That is when I knew that I couldn’t let my mom gave up on our family’s legacy.  I want to help her fulfill that dream.

Amy Zhang

I have always had an entrepreneur type personality. Business and Entrepreneurship ran in both sides of my family. My mom did her very best with Twiggy, but it hasn’t reached its full potential.  My knowledge in business, marketing, and sales can take Twiggy to all new heights. Twiggy can be bigger and better than ever with just a bit of ingenuity. I then needed a team of animal lovers, marketers, and strong personalities. I knew that just myself in the pool would not be a huge hit. That is when I ran into Elizabeth and Sydney. It was fate!  We all worked very hard to build a business and a tour in just a few short months. We also didn’t have a squirrel that any of us could hold. My mom had a rehabilitated squirrel that was unreleasable, plus a little friendly. We worked with her and we were able to teach her how to water ski fairly quickly. We had a water skiing squirrel and ready to hit the road in January 2019.

Chuck , Sydney & Elizabeth at the 2019 Edmonton Boat & Sportsmen’s Show

It has been a journey for all of us. Twiggy’s Inc. has grown to a new level in less than a year. We are now performing at more shows than before. Our social media is a huge success due to both girls working their knowledge on the computer.  Plus, we’re now teaming up with the National Safe Boating Council and their “Wear It” campaign. It has all just fallen together as if it was my Dad’s plan all along.


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