MEET THE TEAM: Elizabeth Jones

What is there to say? I’m a girl traveling the world with a squirrel. Totally normal, right? Hahaha, I guess not. Well, I’m Elizabeth & I’m one of Twiggy’s moms. If the idea of training a squirrel to waterski is weird or unusual to you, then you’ll probably think the same of me. No shame, I grew up hula hooping & dreaming about the circus. I even picked up a pretty unusual hobby in high school, roller derby.

You see, I’ve spent the last 7 years skating for Orlando Roller Derby! That’s how I met Chuck. He joined Orlando Roller Derby as one of the travel team coaches last year. One day he casually mentioned his mom’s waterskiing squirrel & I was ecstatic! I went to three of Lou Ann’s shows before she retired this past summer! So, you can only imagine how excited I was when Chuck told me that he wanted to carry on the family business! Chuck heard about my experience with websites, social media & graphic design so he asked if I would help him revamp Twiggy for a 40th Anniversary Tour! I excitedly said yes! So Chuck, Sydney & I joined forces to bring Twiggy into the digital age!

Elizabeth, Sydney & Chuck at the 2019 Nashville Boat Show

Fast forward 9 months, Twiggy’s made a big splash into the world of social media, including Instagram & YouTube! We’ve finished our 2019 Winter Tour & the squirrel are enjoying their much deserved spring break before the 2019 Summer Tour kicks off! – If you can imagine two squirrels cruising down a lazy river in donut inner tubes, that’s Sydney & I. Hahaha – Seriously, it has been an amazing experience! The opportunity to perform with squirrels and travel all over the United States & Canada has created so many amazing memories! Cheers to Twiggy!


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16 thoughts on “MEET THE TEAM: Elizabeth Jones”

  1. Elizabeth can’t wait to see you all when you visit Virginia in September…. Your very proud Aunt

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