Twiggy (feat. National Safe Boating Council)

This week we are joining the National Safe Boating Council in celebrating National Safe Boating Week. If you didn’t already know, Twiggy is a proud partner of the National Safe Boating Council. Their safe boating message is near and dear to our hearts. Chuck Best Sr., Creator of Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel, passed in a boating accident in 1997. His laughter, love & devotion to his family continues to be deeply missed.

Chuck Best Sr. – Evening Herald ’82

Twiggy’s Purpose…

After his passing, LouAnn believed that it was her mission to use Twiggy to spread the safe boating message in honor of her late husband. For the last 21 years, Lou Ann & Twiggy have travelled the country spreading the importance of water safety. The first Twiggy life jacket was made out of a red cup koozie by Lou Ann. Now Twiggy sports a life jacket every time she’s on the water. Lou Ann’s ingenuity and perseverance led to a long standing tradition of having every Twiggy wear a life jacket. Elizabeth is now our resident life jacket designer and continues to inspire as she creates new looks for Twiggy monthly.

Lou Ann Best ’18

The Tradition Continues…

In November 2018, Chuck Jr. reached out to the NSBC about partnering with Twiggy for our 40th Anniversary Tour. It was instantly a match made in water safety heaven. Through countless phone conversations and emails, the NSBC and Twiggy have built an amazing relationship. If you check out our social media channels, you can see all the ways that we help promote their Safe Boating Campaign. Twiggy IX and Twiggy X sport “Wear It” life jackets and we also talk about the importance of water safety throughout the show.

Twiggy X & Friends wearing their life jackets.

Get Involved…

We continue to work with the National Safe Boating Council on new ways to promote water safety and we want to thank them for their continuous support of Twiggy. Please check out their resource kit here: Safe Boating Campaign Resource Kit. Also if you would like to learn more about the National Safe Boating Council, National Safe Boating Week or the “Wear It” campaign, please visit &  

Sydney & Twiggy X in their “Wear It” attire. ’19

To continue on with the celebration of National Safe Boating Week, Twiggy’s Inc. will donate 10% of all online proceeds to the Safe Boating Campaign! So go grab your Twiggy swag and make sure to learn to swim, learn to float and always wear your life jacket on the boat!


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